Brand Identity Guidelines
For organisations offering JAPER TECHNOLOGY
JAPER Brand Identity Guidelines

This guide should be used in conjunction with the JAPER® Identity Standards Manual. Any use of the JAPER logo, JIGSAWPAPER logo, JAPER wordmark, or JIGSAWPAPER wordmark should be submitted to JAPER TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD for approval.


JAPER will become the leading visual encryption service in the world. JAPER and JIGSAWPAPER are registered to JAPER TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD

ABN 44 614 214 863.


Since 2018 the JAPER logo has become a distinctive symbol that is recognised and remembered by people. The health of the JAPER brand is largely a result of effectively and consistently communicating the brand across all mediums, both printed and electronic.


To protect the integrity of the brand it is important that all customers adhere to all aspects of this document. It aims to provide guidance as to how the JAPER and JIGSAWPAPER logos and wordmarks need to appear in various mediums.

This is a marketing guide only and does not replace the JAPER Identity Standards Manual that forms part of the JAPER Licence Agreement signed with financial institutions or part of the Trade Mark Licence signed with JAPER. This guide should be used in conjunction with the JAPER Identity Standards Manual and in the event of any inconsistency between this guide and the Identity Standards Manual, the provisions of the Identity Standards Manual prevail.

JAPER Brand Identity Guidelines
JAPER Mono Black Logo​

There is a stylised shield outline around the word JAPER

JAPER Mono Black and Mono White Logo

Figure 1

The JAPER Mono Black Logo.

Figure 1.1

The JAPER Mono Black Logo shown on a coloured background.

JAPER Mono White Logo​

Figure 2

The JAPER Mono White Logo.

Figure 2.1

The JAPER Mono White Logo shown on a coloured background.

JAPER Brand Identity Guidelines
Logo Isolation Guide & Minimum Size
Logo Isolation Guide

The isolation area denotes the space around the logo in which no other type or graphic elements can encroach.


The ‘red box’ in the frame of the shield outline of the logo is equal to 1 unit square.


The isolation area for the logo is 1 unit as specified around the edge of the entire logo (see Figure 3).​

Figure 3

The JAPER Mono Black Logo showing red boxes

Minimum Size

The minimum size for the JAPER logo is 5mm high or 48 pixels in digital formats (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

The JAPER Mono Black Logo
Height 48 pixels
Width 41 pixels

JAPER Brand Identity Guidelines
The JAPER Wordmark
JAPER Wordmark

JAPER must be used as one term and never be abbreviated or used in the plural. Variations to the wordmark are prohibited.


Lucinda Console

JAPER is always upper case. No space between ‘J’ and ‘APER’. When the word mark is used in body copy, the ‘APER’ is always 85% of the size of the ‘J’. As a guide, if ‘J’ is 16 points, ‘APER’ should be 13.6 points. If ‘J’ is 13 points, ‘APER’ should be 11 points. In digital mediums the wordmark is upper case and in the same point size.





Lucinda Console font

The Lucinda Console typeface to be used wherever possible. The JAPER wordmark should ideally be the same size as the body copy. But at a minimum, it should be no less than 6pt.



Times New Roman
The Registered Trademark Symbol

The trademark symbol ® must be shown with the first mention of JAPER in body copy.


The footnote to the trademark is:


ABN 44 614 214 863




Open Sans

JAPER Technology is a zero-trust security framework, all users, whether in or outside an organisation, are authenticated, authorised, and continuously validated for security configuration and poise before being granted access to private information, applications and data.

Brand Identity Guidelines