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We sell tokens, keys and identification codes to grant special access

App Certificate

1 x JAPER App Source Code Validation

100,000 x JAPER Token


A JAPER App Certificate represents a validation process by JAPER Technology, where the source code of externally developed applications is meticulously reviewed. This inspection ensures that the application adheres to the stringent guidelines set for JAPER Outcome usage, including security protocols, data handling practices, and user interaction standards. By certifying that an app complies with these guidelines, JAPER Technology guarantees the app's integrity and compatibility within the JAPER ecosystem, fostering trust and ensuring a seamless, secure experience for all users interacting with JAPER Outcomes through certified applications.

App Certificate

  • Secure, Trust, Certify

    Obtaining a JAPER App Certification is crucial for ensuring the highest level of security for both your application and your customers. This certification process, conducted by JAPER Technology, scrutinizes your application's adherence to strict guidelines, particularly in how it utilizes JAPER Outcomes. By ensuring your application complies with these standards, you not only safeguard your operations against vulnerabilities but also instill confidence in your customers. They can trust that their data is handled securely and that their interactions with your application are safe. This commitment to security enhances your reputation, fosters trust, and ultimately contributes to a more secure digital ecosystem.Ensures the JAPER API implementation is conformant.

  • Certification Processing

    The process of assessing API calls within an application involves a thorough examination and testing phase to monitor and evaluate the API requests made by the application. This includes deploying tools or built-in logging mechanisms to capture and log each API call, analyzing these logs for compliance with expected patterns, security standards, and efficient token usage. Testing the application under various scenarios helps ensure that it makes appropriate API calls, adheres to rate limits, and utilizes tokens judiciously. This assessment guarantees that the application interacts with the API effectively, securely, and in a manner that optimizes resource consumption.

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