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We sell tokens, keys and identification codes to grant special access


1,000 x JAPER-DATA Token

Allocating JAPER Tokens to specific JAPER Namespaces ensures the provisioning of services by establishing a direct correlation between resource consumption and service availability within the JAPER ecosystem. This mechanism promotes a sustainable model where the consumption of JAPER services, such as data encryption, decryption, and namespace operations, is directly funded through JAPER Tokens. It incentivizes the efficient use of resources, as users are mindful of their token balances when accessing services.


  • Encrypt, Store, Serve

    JAPER Data is a core MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of JAPER Technology that enables secure storage of information at the intersection of one or more customers and nearly any reference key. It facilitates the creation of JAPER Data by encrypting content within a defined namespace, ensuring that the stored information is accessible only by authorized parties with the correct validations. This encryption process is essential for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data within the JAPER ecosystem, leveraging advanced encryption standards to protect against unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • What are JAPER Tokens?

    JAPER Tokens are the digital currency within the JAPER ecosystem, valued at one Australian cent each. These tokens are essential for transacting within JAPER, used to pay for various services like data storage, encryption, decryption, and accessing other functionalities. They represent the effort required to store and serve data securely over the platform, facilitating a sustainable economic model that supports the ongoing provision and development of JAPER services. By requiring tokens for service access, JAPER ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and that the ecosystem remains viable and scalable for all users.

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