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We sell tokens, keys and identification codes to grant special access


1 x JAPER Device ID

1,000 x JAPER Token


The JAPER Device ID is a foundational element for interfacing with the JAPER API, serving as a unique identifier for each device interacting with the system. This ID not only facilitates secure communication and data transactions but also ensures that each device's activities and requests are accurately tracked and managed. Essential for accessing a wide range of JAPER services, including encryption and decryption, the Device ID underpins the security gateway of the JAPER ecosystem, making it indispensable for personalized, secure, and effective use of the JAPER API.


  • JAPER Security

    The JAPER API employs a multi-layered security protocol requiring the correct combination of a Device ID, Application ID, and API Key for processing any request. This ensures stringent verification and authorization before granting access to its services. The Device ID uniquely identifies the user's device, the Application ID distinguishes the specific application making the request, and the API Key serves as a secret token for authenticating the request's origin. Together, these identifiers form a comprehensive security measure that protects the JAPER ecosystem from unauthorized access, ensuring that each request is legitimate and authorized to access the requested resources.

  • Device ID Strength

    The security of the JAPER Device ID, being 4 characters longer than the BASE64-encoded AWS API Gateway key, mirrors the stringent security protocols employed by AWS. This length and encoding complexity render the Device ID exceptionally resistant to unauthorized access attempts. Like AWS's API keys, the Device ID benefits from advanced encryption methodologies and a security infrastructure designed to thwart and neutralize potential breaches, including brute force attacks. The added characters enhance its uniqueness and security, making the Device ID's decryption or unauthorized use highly improbable. Consequently, the security measures surrounding the Device ID ensure its integrity, upholding the same high standards of protection and privacy.

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