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When you or anyone else sends you JAPER information encrypted to your email address only you can decrypt it using the JAPER App, after validating your email address on the device.
By validating your email address you enhance the JAPER App Camera Scanner so as to reveal information encrypted for your email address.
Enter the email address to be validated. 
Submit the email address. This button will only appear if a valid email address is detected.
You will be sent an email containing a 6 digit PIN to validate that you have access to the email address.
A PIN has a life-span of less than 2 minutes.
You will be automatically redirected to the Enter Validation Code app page.
If the PIN is incorrect you can try again by using the Enter Validation Code app page accessible from the Main Menu.
If the PIN is correct you will be redirected to the Manage Validations app page.
For 7 days after a successful validation of an email address validation the ability to validate the domain of the email address is available.
Please use the Help buttons located throughout the app to access online help.
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