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This is a list of commands available within the JAPER App.
These commands allow the device owner to maintain validations and control app access.

About Us: Describes the company that created the JAPER App and provides access to further reading and barcodes.

JAPER Australia opens a virtual barcode after pinging all 7 of the main JAPER API Entry Points around the world and reporting the details to JAPER so that enventually we can automatically selected the fastest JAPER connection or allow you to select your entry point, other than JAPER Australia, very soon.

Command opens a virtual barcode, JAPER-COMMAND-MAIN-MENU

Manage Validations: Displays the current validations and provides the ability to Validate Domains of validated emails.
Validate Email: Allows the device to be validated for an email address.
Validate SMS: Allows the device to be validated for a mobile telephone.

Enter Validation Code: Allows a 6 digit Email and SMS Validation PIN to be processed for the device.

User Settings: Provides the device owner greater control over the access to the JAPER App on the device by setting up a JAPER App Start PIN.

Switch to Front Camera: Redirects the JAPER App to use the front camera of the device. This command then becomes Switch to Back Camera.

Purge Validations: Provides a quick way to purge existing validations.
Disable App: Provides a quick way to disable the JAPER App on the device until de-installed and then re-installed. 
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