This is a list of commands available within the JAPER App.
These commands allow the device owner to maintain validations and control app access.
About Us: Describes the company that created the JAPER App and provides access to further reading and barcodes.
Manage Validations: Displays the current validations and provides the ability to Validate Domains of validated emails.
Validate Email: Allows the device to be validated for an email address.
Validate SMS: Allows the device to be validated for a mobile telephone.
Enter Validation Code: Allows a 6 digit Email and SMS Validation PIN to be processed for the device.
User Settings: Provides the device owner greater control over the access to the JAPER App on the device by setting up a JAPER App Start PIN.
Switch to Front Camera: Redirects the JAPER App to use the front camera of the device. This command then becomes Switch to Back Camera.
Purge Validations: Provides a quick way to purge existing validations.
Disable App: Provides a quick way to disable the JAPER App on the device until de-installed and then re-installed. 



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